Individual Training Sessions


Individual training sessions come in stages. Call for multiple and group session group discounts.

(1st) stage is the 25 minute evaluation.  During this stage we asses the player and try and pinpoint weaknesses that we will advise parents the areas in which we feel the player needs to strengthen.

(2nd) stage is actual training where we formulate at plant based on the individual player and we hone in on the weaknesses for about 30 minutes and the remainder of the session consists of a combination of drills.

(3rd) stage is the cool down period where we stretch/shoot and discuss the things we did during the session.

(4th) stage we get into multiple sessions we build on our progress while putting players in situational positions while trying to assimilate a game like atmosphere in efforts to enable the player to transfer the skills and drills to live action against opponents.  Conclusion, we advise our parents to have the player partake in our basketball camps where the player can continue to progress and we can also have a direct eye and voice in the players skill and overall game improvement.



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